Welcome to your exciting new career in real estate! We’re here to give you the best foundation possible to set you up for long-term success. Let’s review which course will get you started.

A real estate career begins with a broker’s license. According to Illinois law, a broker’s license is necessary in order to provide assistance to others which is in any way intended for the sale or lease of real estate, for compensation. This includes the representation of clients in the negotiation of real estate sales contracts or leases, as well as the issuance of advertisements for the sale, purchase or lease of real estate.

The required 75 hours of Pre-Licensing is broken up into two parts: the 60 Hour Broker Pre-License Topics course and the 15 Hour Applied Real Estate Principles, interactive course. This course satisfies the 75 hour broker licensing requirement.

Complete 75 Hours of Licensing Coursework

The 60-Hour Broker Pre-License Topics course is the first step on your journey to becoming a broker! Regardless of which type of course you choose, the content includes: license law, real property, agency, financing, marketing & advertising, contract knowledge, buyer & seller relationships & counseling, state & federal laws and real estate transactions.

The 15 Hour Applied Real Estate Principles course is an interactive class with “real world” examples, role play and answers to “what if” scenarios.

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There are three (3) different ways that you can take this course. You should decide the best option based on what works for your schedule and your learning style.


If you learn best in a traditional classroom setting, and you have the flexibility to commit to attending one of our sessions, then our classroom course is your best option. Prefer a live, virtual classroom instead? Our live webinars are your best fit. You have the choice of four types of sessions:

  • All-Day Sessions
  • Saturday Sessions
  • Evening Sessions
  • Morning Sessions

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Enjoy the freedom to participate in classes at any time, day or night, from your home or office! This brand new hybrid course mixes expert instructor video, online modules and offline study materials to give you that educational edge. The high pass rates for this program just shows, it works!

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Unplug yourself and roam free with the self-study program! A program made for the highest level of flexibility, students will receive all books, notes and materials via mail. Where they go with you, well the possibilities are endless! Take tests at home, day or night, and return your exams by mail for grading. Then schedule your final exam at a convenient proctored exam location when you feel ready.

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