Lindsey Schendel, REALTOR®

Beginning her career as a leasing agent, Lindsey took the natural step to become a broker. This life changing decision allowed her to help the friends that she’d previously leased apartments to, find their dream home.


Martin Walsh, REALTOR®

Martin knew from the start that he was meant to be his own boss. With his license in his hand and determination in his eyes, he created his dream job and built his business into the success that it is today. All while doing it his way.


Erika Villegas, REALTOR®

Erika knows what comes first: FAMILY. She chose a career that allows her the opportunity to provide for her family, clients and community all while being present for those special moments in her son’s life.


Tommy Choi, REALTOR®

Tommy is a first-generation American who found inspiration in his family’s ultimate dream of owning a home. That passion led him to a career of helping others achieve that very same American dream.