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How do you know where to begin your career in real estate? Are there really different types of licenses with different requirements? Which one best fits what you want to do?

Not to worry, we have your back. If you follow the diagram below, we mapped out the different paths you can take when you begin your real estate career. If you are unfamiliar with the differences of becoming a Leasing Agent versus a Broker, check out our Types of Careers page, where you will find a simple breakdown of what different real estate professionals do.

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Check out the requirements below before you get started:

Leasing Agent Broker Managing Broker
Who Needs This? A person who is employed by a real estate broker to engage in licensing activities limited to leasing residential real estate. A person who provides assistance to others which is in any way intended in the sale or lease of real estate for compensation. Brokers who are licensed and have been practicing real estate for two years, who wish to manage an office or become a sole proprietor.
Age Minimum 18 years old 18 years old 20 years old
Education High School Diploma or GED Equivalent High School Diploma or GED Equivalent High School Diploma or GED Equivalent
Course Requirements for State Exam 15-Hour Pre-Licensing Course for Leasing Agent 75-Hour Pre-licensing Course(s) & Exam 30-Hour Managing Broker Pre-License Topics; 15-Hour Applied Management & Supervision, Interactive
Course Format
Classroom & Webinar
Self Study
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