Productivity Hacks For REALTORS®

How are today’s real estate professionals staying productive? We’ve compiled some of our favorite tips.

Mission Positivity

Mindset is everything! Working on your business is that much harder when you’re fighting negative feelings, so invest in your own happiness and what it takes you to feel positive. Here are some of our favorite mood-boosting ideas we’ve heard from real estate professionals:

  • Watch a good TV show or documentary
  • Read a book (or listen to the audio version)
  • Start a business-themed podcast
  • Meditate
  • Pick up yoga or a new exercise (workout with family or friends through video!)
  • Try your hand at puzzles or adult coloring books
  • Take breaks by walking
  • Set up phone or video calls with loved ones
  • Talk to a professional about your stress and anxiety

Lists Are Your New Best Friend

When in doubt, list it out. If you’re looking at your tasks for a day or the week, those responsibilities can stack up until they appear insurmountable. Instead, break these down into smaller lists.

For example, write down three things on a piece of paper you absolutely MUST get done by the end of the day. The next morning, write down three more. Then, take it day by day and do your best to concentrate on those small chunks. Eventually, you’ll look back and realize how much you’ve mastered!

Create Creative Time

Spending time at home doesn’t mean you can’t grow personally or professionally. Set aside time for creative thinking! It’s okay if you’re not a world-class brainstormer or artist, use creativity as something fun instead of just another chore.

Things to tackle with some creativity:

  • Your marketing plan
  • Potential client calls or virtual events
  • Professional development goals


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