16 Ways To Tell Your Sphere You’re In Real Estate

So, you’ve earned your license and are now a practicing real estate broker. How do you tell the world about your profession change? What’s the best way to reach out to your network of friends, family and acquaintances without spamming their inboxes or social media feeds?

Never fear, we consulted with the experts. When in doubt, make sure you’re practicing at least four of these strategies. Then, build your outreach strategy and hone your industry presence from there.

  1. Take a class and share what you’re learning.
  2. Share some market data you’ve been researching, thanks to CAR FastStats.
  3. Talk about neighborhood retail or restaurant spots. You’re becoming an expert in that area, right?
  4. Attend a real estate event (virtual too!) and post about it.
  5. Meet a new partner, like a lender or attorney, for coffee and tag them in a post.
  6. Share a video about selling tips. You’re becoming a source of information!
  7. Follow up with a past client and check-in, but make it meaningful (like an anniversary).
  8. Write a personal note or message to four people a day.
  9. If you’re talking about the market, personalize your message, don’t just spout data or say generic statements like “the market is hot.” Be authentic to you!
  10. Host a homebuying seminar or Zoom happy hour and invite everyone you know.
  11. Ask for a referral! Once a transaction wraps up, your relationship isn’t “over” with that individual. Ask them to share your information with their friends and family.
  12. Post about a win, then keep posting about them.
  13. Posting about your busy schedule? Don’t be too busy. Invite people to reach out with questions and offer your ear!
  14. Share something you’re passionate about and don’t hold back on your personality. Passion and authenticity attract other people.
  15. Share your why. Why are you a broker? Hint: it isn’t your job title.
  16. Tell a story. Going out to breakfast with the family? Don’t just post a photo. Talk about a conversation you had that day.

Happy networking!


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