Meet Lety Cruz: Leasing Agent to Broker

Lety Cruz was bored of her 9 to 6 job. Her partner owned a building and recommended she earn her leasing agent’s license. So, she made the leap.

“I started as an assistant so I could learn everything from the backend,” Lety said. “I learned a lot from the managing broker this winter [2019], and I went into the spring feeling more confident.”

The First Year So Far

“So far, the biggest struggle has been learning to negotiate,” Lety said. Giving realistic expectations to clients has also been an important skill she has learned quickly.

“They might not like to hear you being real, but no matter what, keep control of the situation,” she advises. “It’s a challenge, because people have an idea of what they want and more than what they can afford.” Lety recommends engaging with your clients with a particular mindset: you’re here to help them, and you want to help them.

What strengths have helped her get started? “You have to have a passion for engaging with people and your clients. I have a passion for helping people. For me, it’s not only about the business.”

This passion comes into play with her strong follow-up plan. She stays connected with her clients by following up a month after their purchase or sale, and then again six months later. “Plan on sending a gift in November to say you’re thinking about them,” Lety advises. She works hard to stay top-of-mind in her clients’ real estate sphere, not only as their REALTORĀ® but also as a trustworthy resource.

Balancing Real Estate & Personal Life

Time management is important when it comes to balancing personal goals with her growing real estate business. “I like to work out three times a week, so I’m always making time for that,” Lety said. “I schedule personal stuff in the morning, then from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM is admin work. The afternoons are for showings.”

She tries to build time off on Sunday afternoons and Saturday mornings. “Luckily, I work in an office where everyone is very helpful,” Lety said.

What’s Next?

“In the next few years, hopefully, I’ll be doubling my business,” Lety said. “I’m lucky to stay busy no matter what has been happening in the world.” She is looking to expand into the suburbs and help her sister get into the business.

What advice would she give to new or aspiring brokers? “Always stay involved with the market and your community,” Lety said. “Real estate can seem scary, but learn from others and don’t be afraid to ask questions.” Great brokers stay up-to-date with the business, constantly working on their expertise.

“It gets easier!” Lety assures. “You just have to put in the time.”


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