Time Management Tips

Feeling like you don’t have time for time management these days? Don’t worry! We assembled some of our favorite time management tips from REALTORS® to give you a leg-up in your career. Take a few moments and see what fits in your schedule.


Structure your mornings and your evenings with a ritual. Whether you center yourself before beginning a busy day through meditation or a workout, or maybe you cook dinner with your family and relax (without looking at your phone) ahead of a good night’s sleep, your rituals are crucial to your success.

The best rituals are absolutely centered around you. Aaron Galvin and Amy Galvin, partners in real estate and co-parents of two children, each have their own morning and evening rituals. When they focus on themselves, two notable things are absent: phones and work.

Preparing ahead of time.

Speaking of rituals, make sure you build in a ritual of preparation. We hear about this all the time! From meal-prep to planning a mid-day outfit change, your preparation may take many forms. With a strong morning (or evening) ritual, you can take on each day without feeling overwhelmed and underprepared. Check out some of the tools today’s time management masters use to stay on top of their business.

Family time is quality over quantity.

Let’s face it, everyone sacrifices family time for work and vice versa. So, what’s the key to feeling connected to your loved ones while still hitting your stride during work hours? Quality over quantity. Maybe three hours every night isn’t possible for you. Aaron Galvin sets aside his entire Saturday to be with his kids, and during that time, he isn’t thinking about work at all.

Take a look at your schedule and break up your family time into more qualitative chunks than quantitative. How can you spend your time and truly be present with those around you?

Make time for you.

Time management coach Jon Aleman with hiitide advises his clients to get in touch with their goals and expectations. What do you want out of your day? What milestones do you want to achieve? Once you establish these, you can look at how you spend your time.

As you do so, spend time on you. Your family, friends, colleagues and clients deserve the best version of yourself you can offer. Don’t let your commitments overshadow your commitment to your own mental and physical wellness. Your business and relationships will prosper too.

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