Is Real Estate the Right Career for You?

REALTORS® have to wear many hats to truly be what their client needs. It’s no easy task and the most successful REALTORS® can attest to their learned abilities, but also to some innate characteristics that helped get them where they are. So if you’re considering becoming a REALTOR®, first ask yourself these questions to see if this career path is right for you.

Do you want to help people?

Buying and selling real estate is an emotional journey for clients with highs and lows that sometimes can’t be expected. There will be times you will need to be a counselor, friend or just a good listener. Every client needs emotional support so they can learn to trust you as their agent. Trust leads to customer loyalty and that leads to referrals that will help build your network of success. 

Are you a natural leader?

A great way to answer this is to think over the past few months, has anyone come to you for help or advice?  A great advantage of becoming a REALTOR® is the chance to become your own boss, but an entrepreneur and a leader can be two very different things. A leader sets an example, is highly motivated and headstrong. Clients look for someone to lead them through one of the biggest financial decisions of their lives and they need to be confident that their REALTOR® knows the way!

Do you enjoy real estate?

This may seem like a silly question, but it’s actually one that many don’t consider when they are focusing on the career aspect of becoming a REALTOR®. Do you find enjoyment in looking at properties? Learning about the ins and outs of real estate is a big part of the job. Does the real estate market interest you? It is your responsibility to be on a relentless hunt to find just the right property for your client. So you better enjoy the hunt!

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